The New Knitting Aid Lite.

Slimmer. Lighter. Softer. Better.

Stay Active. Stay Healthy.

Continue doing what you love.

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Helping you knit again. Stitch by stitch.

A lightweight cushioned aid that holds your needles to give you support and comfort.

  • Knit any stitch

    Whether you're right or left handed knit any stitch with complete freedom and support.

  • Use your needles

    No need to buy new needles. Use your own existing needles, sizes 3.25mm-6mm.

  • Ease painful joints

    Let the Knitting Aid take the weight, let go and watch as your needles stay in place.

  • Use one handed

    The Knitting Aid can help if you've lost the use of one arm and are finding it difficult to knit.

  • Easy setup

    It's as easy as 1-2-3. You'll be knitting in minutes with little or no style adaptation.

  • End of the row?

    Time to switch needles and start a new row? Just turn your Knitting Aid over. Simple.

  • Take a break

    When you're taking a break just leave your needles in place and roll everything away.

  • Super Comfortable

    Ten times softer than previous aids for the most comfortable knitting experience yet.


Designed for people who love hand knitting.

The Knitting Aid knits with you, not for you. You're in control every stitch.

We don't take the fun out of knitting by making you slide a handle or turn a wheel. Instead we provide you with a lightweight and comfortable lap support that helps to hold your needles and gives complete movement in any direction.

Simple, innovative and highly effective.

The Knitting Aid Lite uses simple technology to create a big impact on your knitting.

This is a Knitting Aid Bead.

The Knitting Aid Lite comes complete with four pairs of Knitting Aid Beads.

Each pair has a different size hole running through the centre to fit your different size knitting needles.

Every bead has the UK and USA size printed on it.

Look, no hands.

No dropping. No fumbling. No need to hold your needles at all.

The adjustable ball joint.

With your needles passing through the bead in the frame you've now created a very clever ball joint.

You can spin, twist, push, pull and rotate your needle any way you like.

When you let go your needle will stay where it is.

Only 200 grams

So light you'll hardly notice it.

What colour are you?

Change your new velcro cushion in seconds.

It's all in the detail.

We've completely changed the design to make this our best Knitting Aid yet.

Slimmer. Lighter. Softer. Better.

It's amazing how a small number of well designed components can change your life.

What to expect in your order.

  • 1 x Knitting Aid Frame

  • 1 x Removable Velcro Cushion

  • 8 x Knitting Aid Beads

Stay active. Stay healthy.

Research has proven that knitting has excellent therapeutic benefits.

Improve your self esteem.

Knitting can change negative thoughts and attitudes into positive ones. It encourages people to move forwards. Confidence, self esteem, motivation and mood improves.

It gives people a vehicle by which to make social contact and, in so doing, keeps their world open.

-Betsan Corkhill, Stitchlinks

Make knitting easier... We think it’s a great idea!

Simply Knitting Magazine – The UK’s Biggest Selling Knitting Magazine

An ingenious aid for those with restricted mobility.

Knit Today Magazine

The idea has generated a large amount of interest.

Crafts Beautiful Magazine

I love knitting with mine. My hands don't hurt as much.

Vonda Feamster - Happy Customer, Durham, N.C

An ingenious aid for those with restricted mobility.

Knit Today Magazine

The idea has generated a large amount of interest.

Crafts Beautiful Magazine

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