Terms and Conditions

Last updated: Dec 4th 2019


The Knitting Aid and all Knitting Aid products come with a 12-month product quality guarantee from the date of order for faults beyond normal wear and tear. All faulty products/parts will be repaired/replaced free of charge within this 12 month period.

Please Note

The Knitting Aid is not a knitting machine, it is not designed to knit for the user. It is designed to aid and support whilst holding the needles. We will not issue refunds if the User deems that the Knitting Aid does not work for him/her. As stated, the Knitting Aid is not a machine, it is an aid that will hold the needles. It is still the knitter that must complete the stitches.


All the testimonies throughout the website are genuine from customers and magazines. The Knitting Aid has been used by many people at the Knitting and Stitching Shows, all of whom agreed that it truly did give support.


Knitting Aid recommends that you do not knit for prolonged periods of time if in pain. If in doubt please seek advice from your GP.

Further Questions

 If you have any questions please view our Q&A page, where 99% of answers to commonly asked questions can be found. If you do not find your answer please contact us: support@knittingaid.com

Copyright and IP Protection

Knitting Aid is a product of Heartdesign Ltd. Heartdesign Ltd takes copyright and intellectual property protection very seriously. Any individual or company infringing upon these rights will be prosecuted to the full. If you would like to use any images, text or IP related details produced by Heartdesign Ltd, knittingaid.com, knittingaid.co.uk please contact us.